Rogue Trader: Ad Astra

January 10th Adventure Log

More Temples and ROCKS

- Descent into crater begins and rocks fall, hurting many, and killing several
- Garret’s navigator died in the rock fall
- One of the land ships begin heading towards our direction on the surface
- Hakon makes jury-rigged radio to contact Redemption
- Contact shows that the cities are fighting around the away team
– may not know we are here
– They are heading towards a point where a dust storm is
– Dust storm is 3 km away from us
– Issue: Land ships are more than 3 km in radius
– Probably something in the dust storm
- Land ships do not respond to hails from the Redemption
- Fighting continues as the away team descends further
- Find bone in the rock and discover a weirdly symmetrical structure.
- Find the disk of a chart with a crystal in the center
- Valonia finds a part of the map when working on the chart and adds it to one of the baby skulls
- Hakon looks for signs of others being there and no one else has been here for a millennia
- Plan to blow up the location as we head back up to the shuttle
- Tanks are heading towards our shuttle
- Redemption reports that the land ships have both deployed land units that move towards our location
- Redemption fires EMP charges down towards the tanks
– A ship crashes down into the cavern
– Hakon’s radio broke
- Get back up to the ship
– Ship was under yellow tarp
- Getting ready to leave in the ship and crew cannot get it to work
– Hakon gets the ship to work
– Wait for demolitions team that blew up the temple to get to the ship
- Take off and enemy surface ships engage us
- Fly into canyon to lose them
- Velonia takes storm bolter to knock off rocks off the wall
- Others shoot towards the crafts
- One craft gets taken out of order by the falling rocks and has to pull up out of the canyon with smoke and fire
- The other craft maintains course
- The other craft manages to shoot down our ship
- The ship pulls up out of the cannon, clips the right wing with one engine destroyed
- Ship blows up and everyone is harmed
- Ship crashed in the dust storm
– Lysander’s arm if blown up
– Lysander’s armor is no longer sealed
- Garret is unconscious
- Charlabel is frazzled, but gets to her feel
– Her navigator transferred into the warp and then back, completely unharmed
- Notice a sign of another crashed vessel
– Spot the vessel about 100 feet in front of us
– Has red paint with a silver mechanicus emblem on it
- Get in mechanicus ship and fire upon some enemies out the window
– Those enemies became blood piles
- Fire up the ship and get ready to take off
- Decrypted data slate from dead mechanicus
– Find out the people of this planet are called Xathians
– The Xathians want to have melta weapons to study to make large scale melta weapons
– Land trains might have advanced loading systems for macro batteries
- Get back aboard the Redemption
- Fire Lance Batteries upon canyon, but before it happened, the Banshee appears (Armanguard)
- Armanguard tells us that all the pirates are hard to find and the Corta is looking for pirates,
but now is trying to hire the rogue traders during the rush in the sector
- We should think about becoming Corta’s enemy that she wants dead
- Choose to head to Naporious next
- Landed on Naporious and were told to drink water by the tribe king
- Very primitive people
- Found out something was wrong with the water and refused to drink it
- King was very heretical so Braun lit him on fire
- We killed an entire tribe and a missionary was left alive
– The battle was Killing Floor level bloody
- They need to get the people of this planet healthy water
- We make a base camp and start the plan to ascend the mountain
- Land 10 km away from the peak
- Bring the damaged missionary with us and tells us the tank will awaken a giant curse that we cannot defeat
– So we go by foot instead
- As we climb we are told to stay quiet by our guide, stubbers are activated, rocks fall, and we continue
- Braun is grabbed by the mountain
- Ottagunda attacks the rocks with an aether blade but it does nothing to it
- Braun breaks free and attacks along with Lysander shooting leaving the rocks hissing at both
ROCKS HISSING! ssssssssssssssssss
- As we fight the rocks they try to make themselves look intimidating
– They expand and combine and attempt to intimidate us
– They do not intimidate us
– It has been bisected and scattered and broken by Braun
- We killed the rocks, gained the map and Lysander gained a pet rock like he said he would
- Decide to go to Dross next



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