Rogue Trader: Ad Astra

Pilot's Log - The Skirmish of Drion

I liked the condition my ship was in

Pilot’s Log, 31.817.M41

Today was…..eventful and disheartening. Our ship, The Redemption, she was hurt. I felt her pain as explosions and lasers lashed at her beautiful body. I thought we could take on anything, but today proved otherwise. We had to run. It’s all because we had to pick up that damn governor, lying coward….He was going to blow us up with a nuke! A fucking nuke! You know a normal bomb could have worked fine, but the idiot used a nuke! The worst part: It didn’t blow up! Well that’s not the bad part, the disappointment was we didn’t get to use it.

Our diplomacy today was seen as odd, I mean it is odd, but still Hakon knows what he is doing….I think. His ettiquite when talking to people doesn’t make much sense to me from how I have seen Ottagunda conduct himself. Although if I had to pick I would probably……always agree with the captain. Ottagunda feels like he is speaking a different language then everybody else. He spat words at one of the Chorda’s other allies today. It was entertaining to say the least. Hakon on the other hand seems to ….offend other people sometimes with his incessant chewing of snacks while talking to…well most everyone…..also entertaining to watch. I let them do the talking since they let me do the piloting on these majestic ships.

The Good news today is we got off a Nova cannon shot, god I love seeing my girl shoot that thing, and it blew up one of Chorda’s god damn lackeys. Haha that commander was the one getting too cocky with us too, luckily Hakon knew how to put them in their place. Still hurts to see the good boys and girls that ferry us around blowing up like that and not getting to scavenge anything or take them for ourselves, we would take much better care of them.

I have been honored to be aboard a ship with a commander like Hakon who takes care of the ship and tries first to steal ships….I mean I know he’s trying to rebuild his fleet, but I am just comfortable being surrounded with such quality ships AND we get new interesting archeotech for them sometimes too.

Overall I guess today didn’t go too badly. We at least got a map out of it that may be of use to us, but the commander said we may have to hand it over to Winterscale. If it comes to it, I understand, but I don’t like giving that man many things…..he is….odd. At least when we get there the Redemption and Hope can get repaired.



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