Rogue Trader: Ad Astra

December 13 - Session Log & Information

Tried to kill a giant insect on the planet
– Navigator got injured and got cybernetic spine and cyberjack

Shot planet to try to clear the way
Got the Liberator from Garret to modify in the laboratory
– Worried about what we will do to the Liberator
– Liberator is a very well armoured ATV / Tank

Hailed by Sharlabel to inquire why we were bombing the surface
– In her Transporter
– She is rushed
– Looked to us for a deal to work together with us
– Wants to split with us and explore with us
– Willing to negotiate
– Offering a team of most adept bushmen

Another storm on the planet appeared
Used auguries on storm
Couple kilometers long and has a long path
Tries to block access of landing craft

Hakon told Sharlabel that this is probably not the treasure planet
– Agreed to split the cache on the surface
– Sharlabel has kroot that we will be working with
– Shaper Aurak Kurrack leader of kroot squad
– Did not forgot the kindness we bestowed upon them

Head off to fleet bridge and all that we have mapped on the planet to share with our new allies
– Top speed of Liberator is approximately over good terrain 70 km/h
– Can assume half that for the terrain we are using
– Can make trip last 3 hours instead of a week possibly

Liberator has:
– Heavy stubber on the top
– Has racks inside for rocket launchers
– (Eric rolled a 20 and 54 on acquisition chart)
– Found secret compartment in ministorum
– Contained corn starch rations, and 20 plasma canisters

Garret’s pilot was a navy dog fighter, but Lysander is probably still better
– Garret’s pilot is a better pilot then Sharlabel’s

Fly down to the surface in cramped quarters with kroot in the chambers
– Landed 10 km away from temple
– Braun cooks a raw chicken wing when a kroot offered it to him and all the kroot stare at him
– Hakon orders Braun to stop doing that
– Lots of ash and forest fires dot the land
– Speed slows down to 10 – 20 kph since knocking down lots of trees
– Ottagunda stayed up at the Redemption in case anything happens
– Kroot on top of vehicle yells to look out
– Edge of the dozer blade clips a landmine
– Vehicle rocks to the side and comes back down
– Vehicle has issues and Garret screams as something breaks
– Now 1-2 km from temple, within line of sight
– Front wheel is damaged, but vehicle we are leaving here
– We spread out and check out mines to make sure they are not anti-infantry
– Kroot disarms mine by shoving a knife in it
– Mines are anti-vehicle mines of imperial designs
– Kroot disarm mines like they separate femurs
– Veteran kroot apparently know how to disarm land mines with knifes
– Hakon was hit by a bullet and then there was a crack heard
– Hakon was shot in the clavicle
– Perhaps that traps lied in our wake were from Imperials very recently
– Kroot fans out and tries to find sniper
– Lysander aids Braun in healing Hakon

– Fell is a scrupulous type that would do this
– Feckward is a slave trader / scum

- Radio from Redemption tells of a ship arriving about half a day out
– It is Son Lee’s ship

- Shots come out from the trees in the distance
- Sharlabel has a harlequins kiss
- Cannot see the thing that is shooting at us
- Auspex scan takes place to try and identify shooter
– Kroot seemed to hone in, in the correct direction towards shooters
- Continue to navigate through the woods with bird like cheers in the background
- Shaper and a couple of his mates come back dragging a body
– Engaged and took out many of them but drove the sniper away
– Body brought back was not alive
- Asks to bring a prisoner
– Kroot do not seem to like taking live prisoners
– After 2 minutes they bring back a live prisoner
- Hakon questions prisoner after Kroot back off after they intimidated him
- Appears to have 3 fingers bitten off and gun missing from boot, because Kroot are awesome
- Prisoner questioning begins
– Prisoner is working for Rockin Feckward
– Stealth device glows and helps ships get down on surface quietly
– Ships located at base of the temple
– Sniper was Feckward himself and he ran away
– Ships are guarded with Heavy Bolter Turrets

- Woosh and great crackling in the air
– All the vines and things are knocked from the temple and great light comes from the temple
– Purple light emanates from the temple
– Building is being pulled into the warp

- Prisoner is eaten by Kroot after being shot by Hakon
- Sprint towards temple
- Velonia spots 6 figures at the top of the temple (50 meters above us – about 75 m away)
– We need to get rid of the people performing the ritual
– Braun attempts to climb up the temple towards them.
– Everyone else attempts to shoot them.
– 2 of them break off from the ritual and take cover
– Others are not within our line of sight
– No visible door into the temple in our area so we begin to climb
– Order of ascent: Braun, Hakon, Garret, Sharlabel, Lysander, Velonia
– After climbing we are faced with 6 masked figures
– Alien masked helmets
– Most definitely Eldar
– Braun struck with flames shot out of the Eldar’s hands
– Garret gets badly hurt by being stabbed in the shoulder
– Etc, etc, etc, battle, battle, blah, blah, blah, we were hurt, they got dead
– They all die, and the energy dissipates from the temple.
– Runic carvings are in the temple and blood is pouring through them
– They are not normal, but they are readable star charts
– Focus on 7 objects, represented by gemstones
– One has had a gemstone seared out of it, seemed to be the center one
– Each of them has a line of connection of mysterious device towards the center object
– Velonia deciphers things for a few hours
– Extends alliance until we discover the dread pearl
– The 6 places either point to the dread pearl or are linked to it
– We have 6 specific locations from it, and a general space location for the center location
– The 6 locations link to the dread pearl and probably have locations of them
– Velonia cannot read Eldar signs so cannot get all the information
– The 6 locations we can navigate to
– Hakon tests the Shuriken pistol and decides it can be useful to figure out how it works
– First time he took xenos technology to analyze
– Takes several to take apart and analyze
– Blow the map and try to find Feckward’s shuttle and turrets
– Messaged Kroot to find out results of survey
– Found one and blew it up
– Retrieved loot from it before
– Found a big and bone gemstone thing attached to the engine
– Eldar ghost drive
– Retrieve the shuttle and its ghost drive
– Parks the shuttle in the laboratorium
– Velonia is now able to make charts of parts of the Heathen stars
– 2 spots are in deep space
– 4 are planets
– 3 are known planets
– Zaith: planet is fairly close to the entrance to the heathen stars
– full of war and weird shit
– only one that has a stable warp route
– Naporius: visited 2 or 3 times from rogue traders
– arid with human civilization
– Rogue traders thought not profitable, toxic water
– Manage to purify the water, but they only really produce copper
– Dross: explored once
– Never found again
– No other notes
– any attempts to find it again, and failed
– 4th planet is not known
– Information says that all planets should have information to the seventh planet

- First we have a meeting with Garret and Sharlabel
– Recovering from their injuries
– Garret thinks it is dangerous for us to split up
– Hakon proposes all going together
– Sharlabel says Zaith is a known system, others will be stopped there
– Will be explored even though others will not know what they are looking for
– Meaning they will probably not find it
– Hakon’s worry is that they will find us and follow us or attack us
– Decide we may as well get to Zaith there first and then go to deep space to avoid tracking
– As a fleet we head off to Zaith

- WARP FUN TIMES - Hakon believes he is mutating and hurts himself - Lysander & Braun gain horrible nightmares - Anticipate a 3 day journey with the Hope’s engines - WARP ENCOUNTER (Warp Storm) - Warp storm evaded

– Human civilization before Great Crusade
– Some point during isolation got into massive war that destroyed entire planet
– Thermonuclear fire rained down
– Had to do with land ships that are city sized walking cathedrals
– Most of the life has been killed
– Seas have boiled away
– Only really have the mobile cities raiding temples in an ash wasteland and killing each other
– Cathedrals have guns that can shoot back into space
– Equivalently are ships that walk on land

Scan the planet
– Able to spot a signature within a 20 km radius similar to the temple from before

Go down to explore the planet and know that the temple is on the surface
– Take down Garret’s transport ship with the Liberator to go explore
– Looking in the bed of a large, now gone, sea
– Hakon and Garret had a bonding period with preparing the Liberator
– Sharlabel finds them both a bit weird
– Within a day we come to a ravine and we find THE MAGNIFICENT THING
– It is within a couple ten of kilometers within the massive land ships that are exchanging fire
– Found an ocean cavern (no longer in an ocean)



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