Aoife Armengard


Aoife Armengarde is the current head of the Armengarde Dynasty. A tall athletic woman, it is known that she was groomed for her inheritance from an early age, and that nearly all efforts at maintaining this grooming failed miserably. Stories abound of her youthful adventures slumming and committing violence in the hives of scintilla. She has carried the same reputation for rebellious adventurousness into her time as a rogue trader, and the stories about her exploits rival those of Calligos Winterscale in both amount and ridiculousness.

She has a daughter, Igraine, who she keeps secure somewhere far from her enemies, but who the father is remains a mystery. Rumors range from a pirate prince, to a navy commodore, to an Imperial Inquisitor, and many things in between. She carries the sword of an eldar lieutenant she killed in combat, and her name is known not only in the halls and offices of Scintilla and Port Maw, but in the drinking dens of Footfall, the Breaking Yards, and many places in between. Her daring and stubbornness in equal measure have become the marks of her house.

Despite her many increases to her dynasty’s power and wealth, Aoife has managed to stay out of most of the political sphere in the Koronus Expanse. Though talk does circulate of her rivalry with the Machenko Trade Dynasty, she is not so powerful that the larger players in the sector have had to work around her, and not so weak that she can be prayed upon by any lesser predators of the Expanse. How long this comfortable limbo will last, however, remains to be seen.


Aoife Armengard

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