Aspyce Chorda


Aspyce Chorda, the third of six children of Hamish Chorda, is the current head of the ancient Chorda dynasty. She is a pale, thin woman of middle age whose appearance is at all times immaculate; her clothing of the finest make, her hair coiffured into ornate but practical styles, and her general attitude one of absolute finery and dignity. Still, she is a sharp woman, possessed of an unnerving demeanor and gaze.

She is famously ruthless in her endeavors, known for always managing to come out on top of deals even when other investors are driven to bankruptcy. It is known that she spent time serving in Battlefleet Calixis before inheriting her dynasty from her father’s famous mismanagement in a power struggle that ended in her 5 siblings all vanishing without a trace. Whether murdered, exiled, or taken to some darker purpose is the subject of numerous rumors about the settlements of the expanse.

Her reconstruction of her dynasty has seen it soar in wealth and power in recent years, bringing it into conflict with the Winterscale dynasty. Chorda’s overt ventures into Winterscale’s domains, both physical and financial are direct challenges to his power, and both parties know it. Most recently, this building conflict broke into violent warfare on Lucien’s Breath. The conflict ended with a treat that split the planet between the two dynasts, pleasing no one.


Aspyce Chorda

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