Calligos Winterscale


A massive, broad shouldered, barrel chested man, Calligos Winterscale is the current head of the Winterscale Dynasty. He is a notorious adventurer, famous for both the scale of his deeds and his personality, and he is, ostensibly, one of the single most powerful men in the Expanse.

Though he is quick to tell the story of his inheritance, the details of his succession remain vague. Little is actually known about his upbringing, and though he speaks well of his father, digging into the matter reveals that it was some years after the death of Arturos Winterscale before Calligos rose to claim the warrant, with many bannermen and aristocrats pushed aside by the sudden transfer of power.

Nevertheless, Calligos Winterscale continues to have at his disposal one of the single largest fleets in the expanse, a monumental amount of wealth at hsi disposal, and a reasonably legitimate claim to hundreds of worlds within Winterscale’s Realm. His greatest competitor, as of late, has been rapidly ascending Chorda dynasty. A recent conflict on Lucien’s Breath ended 2 years of brutal violence with a treaty brokered that split the planet’s ownership between both dynasties. Neither is very happy about this.


Calligos Winterscale

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