Deliverance, 22nd Lancer of the Lightbringers


Wrested From Space Hulk

Tempest Class Strike Frigate
Pop: 100
Morale: 100
Rating: Crack (40)
Speed: 9
Maneuverability: 21
Detection: + 32/
Hull Integrity: 24/36
Armour: 20
Turret: 1
Space: 42
SP: 40
Weapon Capacity: 2 dorsal

Weapons Systems

Name Strength Damage Crit Rating Range Special
Pyros Melta Batteries x2 3 1D10+4 4 4 Inferno

Essential Components

Jovian Pattern Plasma Drive, Strelov 1 Warp Engine, Warpsbane Hull, Castellan Void Shields, Armoured Bridge, Clemency Life sustainer, Clan Kin Quarters, Deep Void Auger Array

  • Modifiers
    Shield of Faith: +10 warp navigation tests, roll twicew and pick preferable warp encounter.
    Archeotech. Failsafes:, -10 tech use to double shield capacity.
    Bridge component gets 4 up save against being damaged.
    Lifeline: +1 morale, -4 to losses from depressurization.
    For Hearth and Home: +5 to resist Boarders, -1 morale loss.
    Eye of the Omnissiah: +10 detection.

Supplemental Components

Cargo Hold/Lighter Bay, Reinforced Bulkheads, Brig

  • Modifiers
    +3 hull integrity
    Stern Discipline: +1 morale, +1 intimidate. Prison Space

Deliverance, 22nd Lancer of the Lightbringers

Rogue Trader: Ad Astra Vulfe