Aspiration, 4th Kataphract of the Lightbringers


Lathe Class Monitor Cruiser
Speed 6
Detection +15
Manoeuvrability +12
Hull Integrity 63/63
Armour 20
Turrets 3
Crew: 100
Morale: 100
Crew Rating: 40

Name Facing Strength Damage Crit Range Special
Ryza Pattern Plasma Battery Prow 4 1d10+4 4 5 Vapourisation
Ryza Pattern Plasma Battery Dorsal 4 1d10+4 4 5 Vapourisation
Lathe Pattern Grav Culverin Broadside Side 6 1d10+3 6 5 Grav-Culverin

Vaporisation:When this Weapon Component rolls a 1 or 2 on the Critical Hit Chart, it affects two components instead of one.
Grav-Culverin: Before firing this weapon, the firer may choose to increase the range of this weapon by 2 VUs. If he does so, the damage of each shot is decreased to 1d10+1.

Essential components:
Deep Void Array, Jovian 3 Drive, Strelov 2, Gellar Field, Single Void Shield, Exploration Bridge.

  • Long Range Scanning: This ship gains +5 Detection when using Active Augury.
  • Navigation Records: When working towards an Exploration objective, the players earn an additional 50 Endeavour Points

Supplemental components:
Dorsal and Prow Ryza Pattern Plasma, Port and Starboard Grav Culverin Broadside, Servitor Crew, Cold Quarters, Crew Reclamation, Facility, Micro-laser Defence Grid, Tenebro-maze.

  • Recycling: Reduce all losses of Crew Population by 3, to a minimum of 1. Increase all losses to Morale by 1
  • Manpower Reserves: Once per game session, the ship’s
    captain may choose to reduce one source of Crew Population loss to zero.
  • Wall of Light: Increase the ship’s turret rating by 2.
  • Hidden sally-ports: This ship gains +10 to all Command Tests when defending against boarding actions and Hit and
    Run Actions.
  • Incomprehensible Layout: When a Component on this ship is selected to be affected from a critical hit, it is chosen by the ship’s controller, not the attacker.

Having a servitor crew imposes a –10 to any Ballistic Skill Tests to fire the ship’s weapons, as well as a –10 to all Command Tests made aboard the ship. In addition, the ship may not initiate boarding actions. Finally, the ship’s Crew Population can only be replenished by forge or hive worlds, and cannot be replenished through pressgangs or emptying a world’s prisons. In exchange, however, the ship always counts Morale as 100 as long as it has a Servitor Crew, and all Crew Population losses are reduced by half (to a minimum of 1). An Explorer must also make a Tech Use Test (as opposed to a Medicae Test) when performing a Triage action. A servitor crew has a Skill Characteristic rating of 30.


Aspiration, 4th Kataphract of the Lightbringers

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