Redemption, 1st Guardian of the Lightbringers

Once called Ex Aspera


Critical Skill Ratings
Maneuver: 72
Detection: 75
Guns: 65
Tech Use: 55
Medicae: 75

Repulsive Class Grand Cruiser
Crew Rating: 55
Morale: 106
Speed: 5
Maneuverability: +18
Detection: +20
Hull Integrity: 85
Armour: 19
Turret Rating: 3
Weapon Capacity: 2 port, 2 starboard, 1 prow, 1 dorsal

Martial Hubris
Temperamental Warp engine

Weapon Components

Name Facing Strength Damage Crit Rating Range Special
Mars Pattern Nova Cannon Prow X 2D5+4 X 6-40
Godsbane Lance Battery Dorsal 2 D10+2 3 12 Beam Dispersion
Sunsear Las Broadside x2 Side 6 D10+3 4 9
Mars Pattern Broadside x2 Side 6 D10+3 5 6

Essential Components
Modified Saturine Pattern Class 5 Drive, Miloslav H-616.b Warp Engine, Warpsbane Hull, Triple Shield Array, Ship-Master’s Bridge, Vitae Pattern Life Sustainers, Cold Quarters, Deep Void Auger Arrays

  • Modifiers
    Archeotech Engine Modification: +5 Maneuverability all the time, additional +10 Maneuverability once per session.
    Warpsbane Hull: +20 to Navigation (Warp) tests, choose best of two results in warp travel.
    Miloslav Warp Engine: Warp travel time is halved, warp events are more severe.
    Cold Quarters: Once per session, may reduce one source of population loss to 0.
    Deep Void Auger Arrays: +10 to ship’s Detection.
    Ship Master’s Bridge: +5 to Navigation and Piloting Tests, +10 to Ballistic Skill Tests while firing the ship’s guns.

Supplemental Components
Medicae Deck, Manufactorum, Barracks, Laboratorium, Munitorum, Temple Shrine to the God Emperor, Murder Servitors

  • Modifiers
    Barracks: +20 to all command tests involving boarding actions and hit and run actions, 100 achievement points towards military objectives.
    Laboratorium: +20 on laboratory stuff.
    Munitorium: 25 achievement points towards military objectives, +1 strength to all macrobatteries (included), if munitorum component is damaged, ship takes 2d5 damage to hull integrity, and a component is set afire.
    Temple Shrine: Increase morale permanently by 3, 100 achievement points towards creed objectives.
    Murder Servitors: +20 to Command Tests in Boarding and Hit and Run actions, when performing Hit and Run, select Critical result from between 1-6.
    Manufactorum: +10 to Tech-Use or Commerce tests to repair, can construct additional items.
    Best-Quality Crew Upgrade: +3 to Morale, +5 to Crew Rating
Essential Components P S Supplemental Components P S
Saturine Class 5 Power Drive 0 18 Medicae Deck 2 1
Miloslav H-616.b Warp Engine 10 12 Barracks 2 4
Warpsbane Hull 1 0 Munitorium 3 4
Triple Shield Array 9 3 Temple Shrine 1 1
Ship Master’s Bridge 4 3 Laboratorium 2 1
Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer 5 3 Murder Servitors 1 1
Cold Quarters 4 5 Manufactorum 2 1
Deep Void Auger Arrays 7 0
Weapons P S
Nova Cannon 3 7
Godsbane Lance Battery 13 4
Sunsear Laser Battery x2 18 12
Mars-Pattern Macrobattery x2 8 10
Current 92 90
Maximum 95 90

Redemption, 1st Guardian of the Lightbringers

Rogue Trader: Ad Astra Vulfe