Radiance, 27th Lancer of the Lightbringers


Sword-class Frigate
Speed 8
Detection +13
Maneuverability +21
Hull Integrity 35
Armour 19
Turrets 1
Crew Rating: 40
Essential Components:
Lathe pattern 2a Drive, Strelov 1, Warp Engine, Gellar field, Glimmer Shield, Clan-Kin Quarters, Command Bridge, M-1r. Life Support, R-50 Auspex.

  • Oversized Engines: Increase the starship’s Manoeuvrability by +3, and Speed by +1.
  • Enhanced Cogitator Relays: As long as the bridge remains undamaged, all Command Tests made by the captain gain +5 and all Ballistic Skill Tests to fire shipboard weapons gain +5. If this Component ever suffers a Critical Hit, it becomes unpowered on a 1d10 roll of 3 or higher.
  • For Hearth and Home!: All Command Tests to defend against boarding and hit and run actions gain +5. In addition, all sources of Morale loss are reduced by 1, to a minimum of 1.
  • Flickering Void Shield: When this Void Shield cancels a hit
    from any source, roll 1d10. On a 3 or lower the Void Shield
    suffers a localized overload and does not cancel the hit.

Supplemental Components: Sunhammer Lance Weapon, Disruption Battery, Reinforced Armour, Ghost Field.

  • Armour: Increase this vessel’s Armour by 1.
  • Dead Weight: Decrease this vessel’s Manoeuvrability by 2
  • Ghostly Echoes: All ships firing at a ship with a functioning
    Ghost Field suffer –20 to their Ballistic Skill Tests. If the ship
    is firing a lance weapon, it suffers a –30 instead. Any piloting
    tests to perform Hit and Run attacks suffer a –30.
  • Energetic Interference: A ship with a Ghost Field must
    choose whether it is using its Void Shields or Ghost Field at
    the beginning of combat
Name Strength Damage Crit Range Special
Sunhammer Lance Weapon 1 1d10+3 3 9
Disruption Macrobattery 3 1d10+1 5 Short the Flow, Ionic Blast

Ionic Blast: These weapons never cause critical hits, nor do they deal damage to Hull Integrity. These weapons may only be combined into a salvo with other Disruption Macrocannon weapons.
Short the Flow: Disruption weapons compromise the circuitry and wiring required to transfer power from the ship’s engine to her other components. For every five damage that exceeds the target’s Void Shields, one randomly selected Component on the target ship becomes Unpowered. This weapon’s damage is not affected by Armour.


Radiance, 27th Lancer of the Lightbringers

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