Political Factions

Rogue Traders

  • Winterscale Dynasty
  • Chorda Dynasty
  • Saul Dynasty
  • Armengarde Dynasty

Criminals, Pirates, and Renegades

  • Corsairs of Jalthas Mettiere

Footfall Factions

  • The Tutors of the Red Schola: The premier slave market of footfall, specializing in the acquisition, re-moulding, and selling of the finest and most specialised slaves available.
  • The Xenosium: The prison like structure ment to house xenos visitors to Footfall. Cold, haunted, and imposing, no one ever seems sure of how full the Xenosium is.
  • The Pit of Voices: The conclave of outcast psykers, astropaths, and witches that survive on footfall, most sanctioned and once proud servants of imperial agencies or noble families.
  • The Obsidian Emporial: The great and unnervingly well organized auction house of Footfall. Pay your debts, lest you disappear into the refuse fields.
  • The Kassbalica: A conclave of crime barons, cold traders, and other organized scum from the Drusus Marches. Critical to anyone who seeks anything less than legal on Footfall, from xenos artifacts to heretek workers.



  • Luthor Ajoku
  • Georgette Maubet


  • Ravena’s Bloody Cogs

Ecclisiastical and Religious

  • Astral Knives



  • Eldar
  • Stryxis
  • Rak’Gol

Political Factions

Rogue Trader: Ad Astra Vulfe