House Rules

Combat from Only War/2E
Combat rules are taken from Only War/DH2E. Main Differences include, but are not limited to:

  • All types of basic attack action (Single shot, semi auto burst, full auto burst, melee attack, swift attack, and lightning attack) take half actions. Only one attack action can be made per round, however, so you have to coordinate what your other action is carefully.
    Equipment and Weapons rules
  • Weapon customization rules from only war. Pg. 190. Consult GM.
  • During any acquisition test, 1 Profit factor can be converted into one +10 bonus to the acquisition role, after the roll. Depending on the type of purchase, a commerce or barter test can be made to increase the prophet factor bonus by +5 per degree of success.
  • Watch: 10-12 hours
  • Cycle: 5-10 Watches
  • Tick: A Month or Two
  • Quarter: A quarter year
  • Year: Full Imperial Year


  • All damage rolls from shooting are rolled after everyone has taken their turn.

House Rules

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